We offer a picture hanging service to surrounding suburbs and have been doing so for the last 11 years. We come to you fully equiped to hang any type of artwork including mirrors. We are experienced with all methods of hanging, from brick walls to gyprock/stud walls to newly rendered plaster. Great care and attention is taken when drilling, resulting in a secure fitting and your artwork hanging at the correct height. We are fully experienced and insured to come to people's homes.
Contact us for a quote on (02) 9713 5203 or email nick@fivedockframing.com.au.

The Arti-teq System is an attractive picture hanging system which adapts quickly and easily when you change your art display. Your art hangs from barely visible clear perlon or thin s/steel wire cables, nothing to detract from the art you are showing. Cables are easily moved along the wall and hooks easily moved up or down to adapt with your changing display - no more unsightly holes drilled in your walls. This very affordable system is suitable for all uses - Businesses, Galleries, Restaurants, Rental Properties, Private Homes.

The Arti-teq rail comes in 3 colours; white, silver brushed aluminium and a primed white that you can paint to match your wall colour. The rail comes in standard lengths of 2m and 3m, these can be joined together for a long wall or cut down for smaller areas. The rail is installed directly below the cornice attached to the wall (see 1st gallery image). Once the track is installed the perlon or steel lines easily click onto the front side of the rail and can be moved as required. The drop lines come in standard lengths of 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m and they are rated at 15kgs per line (see 2nd gallery image). There are several types of hooks available that slide onto the bottom of the drop line and then are easily moved up or down to suit your artwork (see 3rd gallery image). You can also use this system with the traditional picture rails found in many federation homes, this is done by adapting the swan hook and attaching the drop line. We have the Arti-teq System in use in our studio, feel free to drop in, have a look and pick up a brochure. We can fully install the Arti-teq System in your house or business.
Contact us for a quote on (02) 9713 5203 or email nick@fivedockframing.com.au.

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